Look for a name brand on the table, If you make something with pride you stand by the name. Some of the best tables














Don’t buy a “WOOD TOP” table! It’s basically a throw away table. Be sure your getting a slate table.


Look for torn, damaged, or missing pockets.


Check all 6 cushions with your fingers to ensure no hard or too soft portion of rubber. New cloth is required when repairing cushions.


Any holes or stains in the cloth.


**Look to the left and right of each pocket for cracks where the pocket bolt has been driven too deep.


**Make certain the slate is not damaged and is the correct set for the table.es here

Always brush your table before and after playing to remove any chalk or debris.


Keep all liquids away from table!!


Use a wood polish to keep your table looking new.


Don’t leave balls on table when not in use.


Always keep the table covered when not in use.

The first coin-operated pool table was made in 1903, The price to play was 1 penny.


Billiard balls were once made out of ivory, An average tusk produced 3-4 balls.


John Quincy Adams Installed the first pool table in the White House.


There are 15 colored balls in billiards, 7 solid, 7 striped and the black 8-ball.


Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Billiards Table costs $1.5 million.


Pool tables ratio is 2:1


*Cut throat – 3 person game, Each is assigned 5 balls to protect (1-5,6-10,11-15) pocket the other players balls to win, Last player with a ball left win.


1 pocket – Each player calls one pocket after the break all of your balls must go in that one pocket


*7 ball – Using a 7 ball rack place 1 ball at front, 7 ball in middle and chose 3 pockets on one side. All object balls must go in these pockets. The winning 7 ball must be shot in the side pocket any other is a loss.

Home tables – Nice furniture, High quality cabinet piece that look great and play great. sizes range from 7ft,8ft,pro 8, 9ft.


Bar tables – Coin- operated ball box that is tough and bulky. 1 solid piece of slate, Not super fancy but will play great for years of abuse, +$$$.


Commercial tables – Think pool hall tables, Tables that are built for amazing play as well as heavy use. Usually larger 9ft sized tables.


Our top 5 home table list












Coin-op = Valley /Dynamo

The Rack


Classic Billiards


Sierra Billiards