Setups & Breakdowns

We also offer a setup service for complete builds of new tables or tables shipped in pieces. All makes and models can be professionally installed by us! Breaking down a table for easier moving? we offer that as well.

Full Table Builds

Our expertise extends to the accurate and professional installation of pool tables, encompassing all styles, sizes, and models available. Regardless of the unique specifications of your pool table, you can trust our team to handle the installation with the highest level of precision and proficiency.

Our commitment to excellence begins with a thorough understanding of your table’s design and requirements. We approach each installation with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every component is assembled correctly and according to manufacturer specifications. From classic designs to contemporary models, we have the knowledge and experience to seamlessly set up your pool table to perfection.


Our approach to table disassembly is characterized by meticulous care and precision. We take great care in the delicate process of dismantling your table, ensuring that every component is handled with the utmost attention to detail. Our goal is not only to safely disassemble your table but also to preserve its integrity throughout the entire process.

Once your table is expertly disassembled, our dedication to precision continues as we thoughtfully arrange each piece exactly where you desire it. Whether you’re repositioning your table within the same room or relocating it to an entirely new space, our team ensures that every component is neatly and strategically placed according to your specifications.

Partail Builds

To complete the installation process and ensure your table is set up to its full 100% potential, our meticulous approach includes a thorough examination of the slate’s alignment and a precise leveling procedure. These critical steps are essential to guarantee a top-tier gaming experience.

Once the alignment is perfected, our team focuses on the crucial task of leveling. Achieving precise leveling is paramount for consistent and fair gameplay. We employ specialized tools and techniques to meticulously level the table, paying meticulous attention to each leg and adjustment point. Our goal is to eliminate any unevenness or tilting, guaranteeing that every shot you take is on a level playing field.

Room Dimensions Needed


How To Measure Your Table



We can accurately and professionally install all styles, sizes, and model of pool tables.

We carefully and precisely disassemble your table, As well as neatly arrange it where you want it.

To finish installing the table to 100%. Correct alignment of the slate is checked and leveling is done.