What pool cue do most pros use?

You’re probably wondering, What pool cue do most pros use?

Whether you’re an amateur player looking to up your game or simply curious about the tools of the trade, understanding the preferences of professional players can offer valuable insights into the world of pool cues.

Join us for professional pool cues and discover what sets them apart.

Exploring Pool Cues for Sale in Fresno

When finding the perfect pool cue set, Fresno offers many options to suit every player’s style and budget. From sleek designs to high-performance materials, there’s something for everyone in the bustling market of pool cues for sale in Fresno.

What Pool Cue Do Most Pros Use?

Professional pool players often have specific preferences regarding their equipment, and pool cues are no exception.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to what pool cue most pros use, certain brands and models have gained popularity among professional players for their quality craftsmanship and performance-enhancing features.

Top Pool Cue Brands

1. Predator

Predator cues are a favorite among professional players worldwide because of their innovative technology and sleek designs. Predator cues offer unparalleled precision and control on the table with features like low-deflection shafts and customizable weight systems.

2. Meucci

Renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, professional players highly seek Meucci cues for their consistency and playability. With a wide range of designs and customization options, Meucci cues allow players to fine-tune their game to perfection.

3. Lucasi

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, Lucasi cues offer a perfect blend of style and performance.

With features like high-quality shafts and precision-machined joints, Lucasi cues deliver exceptional playability and accuracy on every shot.

4. McDermott

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, McDermott cues are trusted by professional players for their durability and reliability.

McDermott cues are a staple in professional pools, featuring high-performance shafts and intricate designs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Cue

1. Shaft Material

The material of the cue shaft can significantly impact the cue’s performance. Common shaft materials include maple, carbon fiber, and fiberglass, each offering different levels of stiffness and deflection.

2. Tip Type

The tip type on a cue can affect the cue ball’s spin and control. Popular tip materials include leather, phenolic, and layered tips, each offering unique playing characteristics.

3. Weight and Balance

Finding the right weight and balance for your pool cue is crucial for achieving optimal control and consistency in your shots.

Many professional players prefer cues with customizable weight systems to fine-tune their cue’s feel to their liking.

4. Grip Comfort

The grip of a cue can significantly impact your comfort and confidence while playing. Whether you prefer a smooth wrap or a textured grip, choosing a cue with a comfortable handle is essential for maintaining a steady stroke.

5. Budget

While top-of-the-line cues can offer exceptional performance, they often come with a hefty price tag.

Consider your budget carefully and choose a cue that offers the best balance of quality and affordability for your needs.


While the pool cue preferences of professional players may vary, there’s no denying the impact that high-quality cues can have on your game.

Whether you’re drawn to the innovative technology of Predator cues or the traditional craftsmanship of Meucci cues, finding the right pool cue set can elevate your playing experience to new heights.

Explore the diverse range of pool cues for sale in Fresno and find the perfect cue to take your game to the next level.


Predator, Meucci, Lucasi, and McDermott are among the top choices for professional pool players due to their quality craftsmanship and performance-enhancing features.

Carbon fiber shafts offer lower deflection and increased accuracy than traditional maple shafts, making them popular among professional players.

High-quality pool cue sets can range from $200 to $1000, depending on the brand, materials, and customization options.

The frequency of tip replacement depends on factors such as usage and maintenance, but most players replace their cue tips every 6-12 months to ensure optimal performance.

Many pool cue retailers offer players opportunities to test cues before making a purchase, allowing you to find the perfect cue that suits your playing style and preferences.